Château Grounds & Gardens

Château les Noës Blanches

Please take a look around

The grounds and gardens extend out 450 acres in all directions around the house. From the fountain in the courtyard, to the lawns and gardens, past the boating lake and on further to the oak and pine forests beyond.

The courtyard

The heart of the estate, on a warm summer's day you always want to stop by the fountain for a while.

Provençal garden and pool

Take a dip in the sparkly heated swimming Pool in the provençal garden when the summer days get warm.

Pagoda Marquee

The classic lines of the marquees of yesteryear, our pagoda is set up for the summer season from May till late September. With views across the park and the house it makes for a very romantic setting indeed.

Walk in the woods

The estate stretches out almost 500 acres in all directions. Maybe take a stroll and spot some wildlife?

Wood reserves

We keep a healthy store of seasoned wood for the fireplace - very useful if the weather turns cooler.

Boating lake

The house gives views over the boating lake ~ especially pretty at sunset. Take a stroll around the lake to marvel at the dragonflies and pick wild flowers.

The Fountain

Gently splashes away during the day, cooling the breeze on the warmer days.